About The Author




I’ve looked up the definitions of both and am still unsure to which category I belong to. To be honest, I am not sure that I want to be categorized at all, because I am not sure what the definitions mean.

For example, the on line definitions offered by sources like Wikipedia.org, defines as author as one who originated or gave existence to anything- I am guessing of a literary nature. That’s good if what I’m giving existence to, never existed before. But that’s impossible, because everything we write about existed in one form or other before. The characters we create are based upon former knowledge of someone or other, something. That is the nature of the imagination beast. It creates for us based on information that is stored in our memory banks which would make the claim of originality sort of bumptious.

Then, the definition of writer: one who writes, or one who professes to write, as an occupation. That one blew me away because, it would mean that anyone who has the ability to put words in any order on any surface is one who writes, like, say, children in a kindergarten class or a person writing a sonnet on beach sand. And the other part of the definition, occupation, made me ponder as well, because, occupation would intone that the reward is monetary gain.

To me, these definitions tend to stuff writing into a box, robbing it of its artistry, making it sound like reporting, where dexterity is limited and writing is confined to the cold hard facts .

I like the other kind of writing, the kind that is liberating, that gives me the chance to tell my side of the story, frame my argument, choose my settings, select my adjectives and tell the story from my point of view, where the backdrop could be anything in between sunrise and sunset.

I write for the joy of the art, that’s why I’m neither writer nor author.